Artificial grass

Adhesives for artificial grass

Bonding artificial grass requires adhesives with high mechanical performance as well as high resistance to weather and dampness to ensure adequate durability of the system.

Neoflex has a wide range of polyurethane adhesives (2 components and 1 component) for this artificial grass intallation with different properties and standards for both sports and landscaping applications. Neopur 2628 is one of our most frequently used adhesives that best adapts to different types of materials and processes used in the installation of artificial lawns.

All our adhesives are certified to the UNE-EN 13744:2006 and UNE-EN 12228:2002 standards demanded by FIFA for the installation of artificial lawns in accredited and approved sports facilities and football fields.

In our blog you have a complete article about how to install correctly your artificial grass. Don't miss it!

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